Jealous husband fined GH¢600 for biting off a witness ear


    Kwame Asiedu, a small-scale gold miner, who bit off the ear of another gold miner, Nana Adu, was on Friday fined GH¢600 by the Kade District Magistrate Court.
    In default, Asiedu who pleaded not guilty for causing harm, will go to prison for nine months in hard labour.
    Additionally, he was asked to compensate Nana Adu, the complainant, with GH¢250.
    Police Inspector D. A. Atigsika, prosecuting, told the court that the complainant in the company of a friend on March 27, last year at Apinamang, went to have a drink at an akpeteshie bar.
    He said after taking one “APC” bottle each, they felt hungry and the akpeteshie seller who also sold Fante Kenkey collected an amount of GH¢5 to buy ingredients to ground pepper for them to eat the meal.
    Whilst the two men were eating, Asiedu who was the barkeeper’s husband arrived and raised his two fingers as if he was greeting them which they responded.
    The prosecutor said without any provocation, Asiedu ordered them to leave and then picked stones and hit them as they fled the house.
    The two then went to the police station to report the case and while returning from the police station, Asiedu met them on the way and attacked them again and in the process bit off the right ear of the complainant.
    The complainant went to the police and reported the incident and was given medical report form for treatment at the St Dominic Hospital at Akwatia.
    The prosecutor said Asiedu was later arrested and in his caution statement, he denied the offence.
    In court, Asiedu said a prosecution witness who went with the complainant to drink was flirting with his wife when he was out of town for five months.
    When the magistrate asked the witness if it was true he flirted with the wife, he admitted that he had sexual intercourse with her on three occasions.