For love of money…


    the-gameMovie: The Game
    Story: Kwame Doadu
    Genre: Action/Drama
    Screenplay/Director : Frank Rajah Arase
    Prominent Actors: Majid Michel, John Dumelo, Yvonne Nelson
    Reviewer: Nwosu Odera
    The love of money, some say, is the beginning of all evil! “The Game” is a Ghanaian  movie which certainly depicts that as scheming, seduction and murder (all for money), were  incorporated to give it an aura of intrigue and suspense.
    The movie directed by Frank Rajah Arase begins with three Multimillionaires converging to “gamble”. They each choose “players” and gamble on which of the players would emerge the victor in the series of twists and turns they call “the game”.
    The movie set in Ghana, and is cut into two parts with different story lines though somewhat interwoven.
    The first part: Teddy Elbert (Majid Michel), one of the two sons of his late father, a multimillionaire, plans to inherit his brothers half of the policy insurance drawn up by their late father.
    The clause in the policy insurance provides that upon the death of one of the sons, the surviving son shall claim the other’s share of the insurance which amounts to fifty million dollars. Teddy’s brother Bill Elbert (Johannes Maier) is a soft spoken young man who is the CEO of his own company, thus already accruing wealth.
    To make sure his plans work, Teddy colludes with a beautiful girl named Shennel (Yvonne Nelson), who leads a shady lifestyle and has a criminal record to boot. The two get married and begin plotting on how to kill Bill and inherit his money with Shennel getting her own cut of course.
    What ensues is a maze of deceit and cunning with each party trying to best the other.
    The second part: deals with Shennel’s friend, Brandy (Yvonne Okoro), a model and one of the players. Brandy is a practiced liar who in a spur of ambition decides to start up her own modeling agency, and in a bid to get more publicity, lies that she is engaged to the renowned business tycoon, Ronny Lawson, whom she had never met.
    Majid played a convincing “bad guy” role. He also had some really “hot” scenes in this movie. Just as Yvonne Nelson played the role of femme fatale.
    However,  Nadia Acha Kang who played the role of Jackie, Bill Elberts secretary in the movie, put on a less than stellar performance. The movie gets one glued to the big screen as one didn’t know what to expect next.
    The special effects helped give it a more magnetic feel, one almost felt one  was watching some sort of “spy movie” when they were used.