Kabral Wants Free Government Money To Chop


    Kabral Blay Amihere, the NPP coloured Chairman of the National Media Commission (NMC), is obviously suffering liquidity crisis as a result of the lack of flow of Government funds in his direction any longer, and is hungrily calling for the State to start funding private media houses.
    Kabral, at a gathering in Kumasi over the weekend made the call. For the 8 years that Kabral, Kwaku Baako, Gina Blay, Randy Abbey, Alfred Ogbamey, Egbert Faibille, Gifty Anti and co were chopping “waa waa waa” from the Narcotics Peddlers Party, Kabral never thought that the State should consider funding private media houses.
    When Kabral was enjoying “waa waa waa” as Kufuor’s High Commissioner to Sierra Leone, as well as Ambassador to Cote d’Iviore, it never occurred to Kabral to ask the Kufuor Administration to look in the direction of all the private media and not only in the direction of selected media houses.
    In the days that the coffee shop mafia was getting about 200 million (old cedis) every Saturday to eat, drink, and talk nonsense at the Coffee Shop, nobody gave a hoot about how the other media houses were surviving.
    Indeed, in the days that Kabral, Baako, and co were enjoying “waa waa waa” from the Kufuor Administration, instead of asking for crumbs for other media houses, they were rather aiding Francis Poku to target and destroy media houses opposed to the policies of Government.
    Who does not remember the infamous $125,000 story that was intended to destroy the solid integrity and image of Kwesi Prat?
    During the period that Kabral, Baako and co were enjoying, only God knows how Radio Gold, Insight, The Ghanaian Lens, The Ghana Palaver and co survived. In those days, while Kabral’s Independent Newspaper, Gina Blay’s Daily Guide and Baako’s New Crusading Guide were getting in the region of 8 full page adverts per each edition, The Ghanaian Lens, Insight and co, were not getting a quarter page advert from Government.
    Indeed, apart from the NPP Government not giving direct adverts to The Ghanaian Lens, Insight and co, private businesses were also under strict instructions not to place adverts in anti NPP papers. Apart from starving anti NPP media by way of zero adverts, the tax whip was also cracked. Under the guise of looking into the tax returns of certain media houses, those media houses were targeted for destruction.
    Radio God for example was prevented from having any affiliated stations outside Accra. A radio station which was “stubborn” and got affiliated to Radio Gold in Kumasi, was closed down by force and later the premises taken over by then Chief of Staff, Kwadwo Mpianim to run a private business.
    That was the extent to which Kabral and co supported the wicked NPP Administration to frustrate certain media houses. For a fact, unlike these days when President Atta Mills is inviting known critics of his Government to the Castle to ask all manner of questions, in the era of Kufuor, it was an abomination for any anti Government paper to get within a 1000 mile radius of the seat of government.
    These days, Koku Anyidoho, Head of Communications at the Presidency is able to accommodate a station like Peace FM as part of the Castle Press Corp. Even Kennedy Agyepong’s extremely insulting Oman FM station; where President Atta Mills is insulted and treated like dirt, is accommodated by Koku Anyidoho. Indeed, some known anti NDC media houses even get the chance to be on Presidential trips both home and abroad.
    That is the extent to which things have changed under the watch of President Atta Mills and his Better Ghana agenda. The Atta Mills Administration is so accommodating that a creepy character like Ken “Opete” Kuranchi can have the effrontery to complain that he was not invited to the Castle to ask foolish and stupid questions.
    In the days of arrogant Kwabena Agyepong and Andrew Awuni as persons in-charge of the Castle Press Corp, “who born dog” for Radio Gold and the likes of The Ghanaian Lens to get close to the Castle? And instead of Kabral, Audrey Gadzekpo, Kwame Karikari and co to commend the Mills Administration for moving the frontiers of Ghana’s media forward in the right direction, they want President Atta Mills to now throw money at them just as Kufuor did.
    As for the Mills Administration throwing money at Kabral and co, they should forget it. It will NEVER happen!!! Today, the largess is not flowing again and so Kabral and Audrey Gadzekpo are saying that the State should start funding private media houses? Laughable indeed!!!
    So, Kabral is expecting the Mills Administration to fund, The Independent, Daily Guide, New Crusading Guide, Oman FM and co to continue insulting the President isn’t it? Honestly, do people like Kabral think that President Atta Mills has not got his head screwed on tight?
    Or because the President has a pacifist approach to governance and so Kabral and co think the President is silly? Kabral Blay Amihere should wait; when Akufo-Addo becomes President in an imaginary Ghana someday, then he can come up with this wonky proposal. Nonsense!!!!
    Kabral enjoyed himself “waa waa waa” for 8 long years; if today he is not getting free cash from the State any longer, he should keep his mouth shut and stop making idiotic statements. By the way, has Kabral looked into the petition that the Ministry of Information sent to the NMC in relation to the hoax-of-a-story about a highway robbery and mass rape?
    Maybe Kabral should finish looking into that matter and expose the shameless evil minds behind that foolish tale, then he can come to Government asking for money for his pocket. Mr. Blay Amihere, first things first; prove that you are not anti Government before attempting to ask Government to give enemies like you ammunition to fire at same hand that is feeding you.
    Source: The Informer