Bature Flares Up Over ‘NPP Corrupt’ No Show


    Managing Editor of the Bilingual Free Press and sympathizer of the ruling National Democratic Congress, Alhaji Iddrisu Bature has dared the ruling party to go ahead and prosecute former government officials of the New Patriotic Party over alleged corrupt practices during their tenure or forever refrain from talking about it.
    Alhaji Bature says the NDC must do this or forever shut up as it is increasingly becoming irritating listening to government officials accuse former NPP appointees when they can march straight to the courts and prosecute them.
    He was speaking on Asempa FM’s current affairs programme Ekosii Sen on the re-emergence of an audit report on the former administration’s alleged disbursement of GETFUND and TOR Debt Recovery Levy monies for government communication strategy for 2008.
    In a letter dated July 8, 2008 and signed by Mr. Christian T. Sotie, Controller and Accountant General, an amount of GHS1,500,000 was taken from the Debt Recovery Levy funds for a ‘Government Communication Strategy 2008’.
    In another letter, dated August 21, 2008 and signed by then Deputy Finance Minister, Prof. George Gyan Baffour, directed the Controller and Accountant Generals Department to release an amount of GHS1, 500,000 to the Ministry of Information and National Orientation for the implementation of Government Communication Strategy.
    There was yet another letter from the Finance Ministry also signed by Prof. George Gyan Baffour, authorizing the Controller and Accountant General’s Department to release an amount of GHC1,500,000 from the HIPC FUNDS to the Ministry of Information and National Orientation for the Implementation of Government Communication Strategy for 2008.
    But the NDC sympathizer says this information has been in the public domain since the NDC assumed the reins of power and finds it difficult to understand why the government will continue to berate publicly that the NPP was corrupt.
    “I think it’s about time the NDC put up or shut up. I must say it here and now, I am beginning to get disappointed in President Mills. I have defended him for two years; I think the NDC has no excuse anymore. If you think the NPP stole, diverted, or misapplied state resources, two years is quite enough for you to prosecute them and let’s stop this radio debates.”
    Alhaji Bature said NDC members are getting disillusioned by the inability of the government to bring to book alleged corrupt practices of the NPP on which they campaigned.
    He queried, “What has happened to the Castle renovation that we spoke about for 4 years? No paper trial? What has happened to the Mfatsiman DCE who awarded contracts to himself and built a market and then the market collapsed and killed people? Did we lie to the people of Ghana? Can’t we even invite and investigate the hotel Kufour? At the IEA debate, President Mills you said that you suspected official complicity in the cocaine debate, where is the probe? From today, the issue of corruption of the NPP, if you have evidence, prosecute them, if you don’t have, shut up, we are sick and tired. What kind of behavior is this, I am very sad.”
    Meanwhile a former Minister of Information Stephen Asamoah Boateng aka Asabee has indicated that he will like to keep mute for now in order to have time and deal with demons and evils who have been tormenting his life.
    Responding to allegations by some NDC pundits that during his tenure some amounts of money were misappropriated, Mr. Asamoah Boateng noted that some individuals are making the allegations out of sheer hatred for him.
    He said if his successors do not understand anything, they should get in touch with him instead of the unnecessary comments.
    Source: Asempa FM