Kyeiwaa Needs A Husband



    Popular local actress Kyeiwaa has told News One she has no husband and needs someone to be the man of her life. She won the ‘Best Actress In A Leading Role (Local Language)’ award at the recent Ghana Movie Awards (GMA) and is best known for acting as an extremely quarrelsome person in movies.
    Though she is based in Kumasi, her pet name Kyeiwaa has become a household name among lovers of local Ghanaian movies nationwide. She spoke to News One about aspects of her life unknown to her fans.
    House Girl Experience
    Kyeiwaa is known in private life as Rose Mensah and she says she spent a better part of her childhood working as a house girl so as to get food to eat. She said from about age five, she stayed with a family friend where she worked as a house girl and this continued until she turned 18, Kyeiwaa disclosed that though the family friend had promised to send her to school, that promise was not fulfilled until she was 17 years when she was taken to primary one.
    “By that time I was a big girl with firm breasts and pubic hair…I was already menstruating so I could not sit in class one and moreover my mates were so tiny. They laughed at me till I stopped the school and that was the only experience I had as far as formal education is concerned,” Kyeiwaa told News One.
    No Husband
    Asked who the man in her life was, Kyeiwaa said she was currently single and would have loved to have a husband. She said though a couple of men had proposed to marry her, she turned them down because they were all married. “I do not want to snatch someone’s husband. I am not that type. If someone who is not married proposes to marry me, I would agree but as I speak now, I am not married. I sleep alone even on cold nights because there is no man in my life,” Kyeiwaa disclosed.
    Becoming An Actress
    Kyeiwaa said she actually started her showbiz career with the legendary nana Kwame Ampadu and she was then a member of a singing band known as the African Brothers. From there, she started acting in the Akan Drama TV series until she was discovered by the late Nana Bosomprah who introduced her to the Cantata TV Drama.
    She said Nana Bosomprah taught her the rudiments of acting before the cameras and eventually got her to start acting in Ghanaian movies.
    Asked what her deepest regrets in life are, Kyeiwaa said she considered her inability to get formal education as a major setback and regretted it very much. She explained that if she could speak English, she would have acted in more movies but as it stood now, she was restricted to acting in local language movies.
    “If I have to act in an English speaking movie, it means I would still have to play the role of an illiterate and that means I have been put in a particular corner. Not that I cannot play such roles but I would have been happier if I could speak English,” she added.
    Final Words
    She expressed gratitude to her fans and organizers of the Ghana Movie Awards and expressed the hope that the award would propel her to higher heights. Kyeiwaa also advised parents and guardians not to deny their children and wards the right to education.