We Are Still With Bullhaus But… – 5Five


    5fiveMusic group 5Five has said contrary to reports that they have parted ways with Bullhaus Entertainment, they are still working with that record label.
    It was widely reported in the media in March last year that the group had parted ways with the entertainment outfit over a wide range of issues including finances.
    The group, made up of Luther Azamati (Papi), Jeffery Opoku Agyekum (Killy) and George Owusu (Jyino) speaking to Hitz Entertainment News said, there were managerial and business problems that they and the Bullhaus outfit initially encountered but have resolved them to the benefit of both parties.
    They said they are currently executive producers of their works while Bullhaus plays the role of their managers unlike the initial agreement that made Bullhaus their managers and executive producers at the same time.
    5Five said they had to make changes to the initial agreement with Bullhaus because they felt their due was not given to them.
    “It came out after we finished working on the second album, Adabraka, we had a little misunderstanding. We had to settle some differences, it wasn’t wise enough to compromise so it just came out and I am like, ok, I am not doing music anymore and management were like no…so it went on and on…but my partner kept talking to me,” Papi narrated.
    Adding, “…First it was Bulldog and 5Five before the whole thing grew into Bulhaus. We worked on the record label together, we made Bullhaus. It was the same old issue; money issue that’s how the whole thing started it was about money. I felt I wasn’t getting my right.”
    He however said as the years passed by, they felt since they have been together through thick and thin, they had to continue what they started.
    The group is behind the hit song, Move Back which is currently enjoying massive rotations on radio and in the clubs. The song was very prominent at events that spiced the Christmas festivities.
    5five described the song as a message and a warning to those who want to come close to better move back because they are back and its their time.
    They disclosed that the song, which is aimed at telling their fans that they are still in the game, will be part of a compilation of their best songs which will be released ending of this month.
    The Adabraka based group urged their fans to keep their fingers crossed as they will be releasing their third album later this year.