Agyenim Boateng Must Go – NPP Germany


    The Germany Branch of the New Patriotic Party[NPP] expresses its disgust and condemnation of the rather derogatory and insulting statement by Mr James Agyenim Boateng Deputy Minister for Information concerning Taxi Drivers and calls for an unconditional apology to be followed by an immediate resignation or be dismissed by the President.
    As a public official and more importantly a Minister of state, Mr Agyenim Boateng is expected to be a role model and this requires him to demonstrate some modicum of respect and civility towards fellow Ghanaians irrespective of their chosen profession or trade. For a government Minister to treat other Ghanaians and their Profession with such contempt and disrespect is unacceptable and should be condemned by all Ghanaians to send a clear signal to all government Ministers and appointees that, we as a people are longer prepared to accept and put up with such unruly conduct.
    Mr James Agyenim Boateng needs to be reminded that nation building is the collective responsibility of all citizens and a such the contribution of every individual no matter how lowly or petty he [Agyenim Boateng ] sees it. Indeed it is from the taxes of all Ghanaians including Taxi Drivers that the Minister gets his salary, allowances and the numerous privileges he currently enjoys. Instead of displaying such blatant arrogance, the Deputy Minister should be grateful to Taxi Drivers because it is their hard work and dedication that has kept our country going.
    This misguided statement, is directed not just at Taxi Drivers in Ghana but to all Ghanaians engaged in the Taxi Business the world over, who are working hard to support themselves and their families back in Ghana. And for someone who has never worked and never earned his own salary until his appointment as a Minister to show such contempt is very distasteful and says a lot about the calibre of people ruling our country today.
    It must be pointed out that Mr Agyenim Boateng’s statement is not an isolated incident. Since the NDC lied its way to power through lies and deception two years ago and having come the realisation that ,that strategy was unsustainable ,has now resorted to the use of insults and abuse to divert attention from their failed and bankrupt policies. The timing of the statement is not a co-incidence; it came a time when the Mills-Mahama administration was under pressure from all sections of society following the astronomical increases in fuel prices. In effect, the statement is intended to shift attention from the fuel crisis and should be seen as such.
    Mr Agyenim Boateng made reference to the fact that Taxi Drivers were appointed Ministers during the NPP administration. Ghanaians are grateful and proud that Taxi Drivers were given Ministerial appointments and that the Taxi Drivers turned out to be some of the finest and hardworking Ministers who have achieved results in their respective Ministeries.
    These were people who had the knowledge, experience, expertise and above all exposure and were able to deliver .This , in part explains why the NPP government under the excellent leadership of President J A Kufour remains the best government that Ghana has ever had in three decades.
    Finally, we wish to assure all Taxi Drivers both in Ghana and abroad that we recognise, appreciate and thank them for their contribution towards our national development and call on them to register their disapproval of this infantile statement by making their voices heard through all legitimate means.
    Source: Kwaku Anane-Gyinde Director of Communications NPP- Germany