Is President Mills Serious At All?


    How serious is President Fiifi Evans Kakra Atta Mills, many are querying. Most of his baby-face Ministers are not only novice in politics but are complete non-starters who should not have been considered for such responsibilities at all.
    They simply get dazed for spinning in their posts, round pegs in square holes, and then commence chirping insults as does a caged or a trapped hungry bird. No wonder, they are often referred to as “Team B” Ministers by the sole Founding father of the NDC party, Togbe Avaklasu J.J. Rawlings.
    Not long ago, the Deputy Minister for Tourism, Kobby Acheampong, came out to insinuate that Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie, alias Sir John, behaves as “Kumasi Kookoase Kuraseni”. By his accusation, he had imported that anyone who lives in Kumasi as well as all cocoa farmers are uncivilized, bush people so to speak. If Kumasi residents are uncivilized, then how greatly unrefined are those living in the other towns and villages in the Ashanti Region? Just on Wednesday, 5th January 2011, a Deputy Information Minister, James Agyenim-Boateng, has underestimated the intelligence of Taxi drivers whose votes earned Mr. Fiifi John Evans Atta Mills the Presidency of Ghana.
    He said and I quote, “When it comes to the men, the personnel and all of that we have them and… indeed, in this administration, I’m yet to hear somebody point to somebody who they will call a taxi driver taking a ministerial position” Is it wrong for a well educated, disciplined, sensible, selfless and patriotic Taxi driver who cherishes to be of service to his nation and people to be in government? Had one Dr. Tony Aidoo also not displayed the usual senselessness of the fanaticism of the NDC by branding all Christians speaking in tongues when possessed by the Holy Ghost as mad people?
    For how long will President Mills continue to sit on his lap, scratching his head, rubbing his palms against the other, looking on nonchalant whilst his Ministers and government appointees heap insults on the electorates in particular, and Ghanaians in general? Is this passive attitude being shown by President Mills a sign of weakness or sorry to say, sheer stupidity? Is he actually in control of his government? I am afraid not. Did he not come out less than two months ago to advise against the politics of insults? Are not his own Government Ministers and advisors that are spear-heading that agenda of dehumanizing people through insults?
    It is about time President Mills sacked at least one of his Ministers for insulting Ghanaians to prove how serious he is or else, he will continue to be seen as the usual lame duck quacking. I am very much aware that his health may not permit him to scrutinize the work, attitude, and comportment of all his Ministers but at least, those few ones who conspicuously pride themselves as insolents in their speech and reactions, in attempts to degrade a section of the populace must be dealt with. “A word to the wise is enough”
    Source: Rockson Adofo