Parents In Ho Wants January School Fees Payment Delayed


    Some parents and guardians in the Ho Municipality, on Wednesday suggested to government to as a matter of policy delay the reopening of schools academic year every new year to coincide with the payment of January wages and salaries.
    Other parents were also of the view that the early re-opening dates could be maintained but the payment of school fees should be postponed until the end of January when people would have received their wages and salaries.
    Speaking to the Ghana News Agency at Ho, the parents said the adjustments in the payment of school fees would help to ease the financial pressure on parents, especially when they might have spent a lot during the Christmas and New Year festivities.
    Many of them said under the circumstances IOUs from the banks and loans from money lenders with difficult conditions remained the only option available to them. Some public sector workers, however, told the GNA that they expected the burden to ease a little with the advent of the Single Spine Salary policy.