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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

LPG price hike will not discourage its use for domestic purposes – NPA

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The National Petroleum Authority has downplayed the impact of the recent increase in the price of LPG on domestic consumers.
There have been suggestions many who use gas in cooking would be turned off by the 25 percent hike to go back to charcoal and firewood, thereby leading to a further degradation of the environment.
But Public Relations Manager, Steven Larbi explained to Joy Business government could not continue subsidizing the product if commercial drivers increasingly use it in their vehicles.
He said increasing the price of the product was the best alternative since taxi drivers for instance were abusing the subsidy put on the product to encourage domestic use.
He emphasized that despite the price hike, it was still economically sensible to use LPG for domestic purposes.
He maintained there was still some level of subsidy on the product.

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