Small scale miners urged to reclaim land after mining


    Mr Seth Otchere, the West Akim Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), has called on small scale miners to reclaim the land after mining to reduce disasters in the mining areas.
    He also called on chiefs and elders, who give out lands for mining to ensure that, after mining operations, pits were covered by the operators.
    Mr Otchere was speaking at a ceremony to mark the commencement of an exercise to cover pits, which had been left open after mining, by small scale miners at Akanteng, in the West Akim Municipality.
    He said after the exercise to reclaim the land, an afforestation project would be initiated to offer employment to the youth in the municipality.
    Mr Otchere crops like cassava, plantain and other foodstuffs would also be cultivated on the reclaimed lands.
    He appealed to the Small Scale Miners Associations to organize a task force to discipline and stop miners, who do not abide by the laws of the land.
    Mr Otchere assured the small scale miners that government would not stop their operations, provided they legalize their operations and also do the right things.
    The pit covering project is being sponsored by the Okyeman Miners Association, in collaborations with NADMO and the West Akim Municipal Assembly.