Pat and Ifeoma Utomi keep it going on


    Mr and Mrs Utomi

    The picture of Prof. Pat Utomi, business guru, politician and motivational speaker and his wife, Dr (Mrs) Ifeoma Utomi, a consultant orthodontist is sure a pleasing sight to behold as the couple could still find time together despite their busy schedules and drudgery of raising five children.
    When the couple showed recently at an event hand in hand like newlyweds, radiating so much joy and love one cold not help but wondering how their love of so many years have endured.
    It would be recalled that Dr. Mrs Ifeoma Utomi had likened the love between her and her husband to that of the Shakespearean Romeo and Juliet.
    Two inseparable minds and souls bound together in love and affection to the extent every occasion means so much in their lives.
    “ Each occasion with my husband Pat is a high point in our lives” she had said.