Our new year resolutions …Celebrities speak!


    Benita Nzeribe

    By Mmachi Ilechukwu
    Yesterday was January 1, the beginning of the new year. Billions of people all over the world including Nigerians  heralded the bright new day, new month and new year with much fanfares.
    In the spirit of the season, we asked some of our celebrities how they spent the yuletide. They also spoke of their New Year resolutions.
    African China
    Christmas for me was
    fun. I performed
    at the Inspiration FM Christmas funfair on the Island. The next day after the show, I visited my elder brother with my wife and daughter.
    I’m also billed to perform at the Calabar Christmas carnival on the 31st of December.
    And as soon as the show ends, I’d begin preparation for my 10th year anniversary which will involve a tour of 10 States with ten comedians and artistes.
    Ayo Maku (AY)
    Christmas for me is serious
    work and I’ll be taking my wife and child along. It is going to be a combination of work and fun for me.
    Christmas in my definition is a period to help to bring people together and to celebrate Jesus.
    My new year resolution is to get better in every thing I do. It is also a period to correct the mistakes I made in 2010 and make myself better in 2011.
    Benita Nzeribe
    Ill be in Lagos working this
    Christmas. Christmas to me is a time to share love with your loved ones. I’ll be in my home town in Ihiala, Anambra State for the New year.
    My new year resolutions are to be more careful, to talk less and to listen more.
    Ita, Brand Manager of Gulder
    I’ll be spending the Christmas with my family at home. Christmas is a time of celebration for me and my family and its also my father’s birthday.
    You don’t need a new year resolution, when you  become as old as I am. You really don’t need one anymore.
    Bob-manuel Udokwu
    I’ll be spending the
    Christmas in Lagos with my Family.
    Christmas to me is a time for sober reflection and as for a new resolution, I don’t do new year resolutions.
    The New year day is just like any other day to me.
    Cally Ikpe
    I’ll celebrate the Christmas here in Lagos with my family.
    Christmas as you know is a time of celebration and a period we are reminded that the year is ending.
    My new year resolutions are to remain at peace with a lot of people, integrity will be my watch word and I’ll also try as much as possible to secure the trust of many.
    Christmas is going to be boring for me though I have a show on Boxing day. It is a time to rest and be with family and to reflect on the goodness of God.
    There is no new year resolution for me because I usually break them two hours later. However, what did not happen to me in 2010 will happen to me in 2011. I’ll basically try to improve on myself.
    DJ Jimmy Jatt
    I’ll be very busy and will be working during the period.
    Christmas is a time for sober reflections and to look back on one’s life. New year is a brand new page and I make resolutions everyday.
    Julius Agwu
    I’m in Port Harcourt with my family for the Christmas. And on Christmas day,  I’ll be doing Crack ya ribs here in Port Harcourt.
    Christmas is a time to celebrate with friends and family. It is a time for a re birth.
    My new year resolutions are to work harder, make more money and spend more time with my family and also to be a better person.
    I’ll be performing at the Calabar Christmas carnival on Christmas day.
    Christmas being a period of the celebration of Christ, means a period to be of a good cheer. It’s also a period  of giving and receiving.
    And in the New Year, I’ll be spending it in my Church. As for a new resolution, I don’t believe in it.