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Be wary of tempting dishonest business schemes-Jehovah Witnesses cautioned

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More than five thousand Jehovah’s Witnesses, attending the District Convention in Accra, were at the weekend, cautioned to be wary of tempting business schemes that could endanger their relationship with God and his son Jesus Christ.
The Witnesses were also reminded to avoid putting material riches ahead of their personal relationship with God and their family obligations.
Speaking on the topic: “Allow Nothing to Distance You From Jehovah-Money,” Mr Isaac Commey T. Oblitey, an elder, from the Dansoman High Street Congregation, said Christians needed to adopt a balanced attitude towards money, work and wealth.
He extolled the importance of hard work, adding that, Christians needed to be industrious at their workplaces.
Mr Oblitey however expressed regret that the love of money had led some few people to engage in questionable and dishonest business dealings.
“We all remember how some in this country, not quiet long ago, were led astray by a get-rich-quick business scheme. The scheme was later discovered to be a hoax,” he said, adding that it was unfortunate some Christians were caught in that trap.
Mr Augustus Mensah, an elder from the Ashalley Botwe congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses said the Devil used many schemes, including pride, to mislead some Christians.
He described pride as the trait that made it difficult for an individual to submit to authority and to accept corrections.
Other snares he identified included, ill-health conditions, unwholesome entertainment, career, persecution from family members and unwise use of technology.
Mr Mensah urged Christians to pray incessantly and to request God’s Holy Spirit to deal with temptations from the Devil.
The occasion was used to launch a 192-page book entitled: “God’s Word For Us Through Jeremiah.”
All 5,392 in attendance received a free copy.
District Conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses have become a regular feature of the spiritual activities of Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide, where members together with the invited public gather to receive instruction from the bible on how to follow the footsteps of Jesus closely.
The theme for the convention this year was “Remain Close to Jehovah.”

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