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With oil, there should be equal opportunities for all – Kufuor

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Former president Kufuor

Former president John Agyekum Kufuor has said he expects the quality of social services to see significant improvement with oil production taking off in earnest.
He said with oil revenues coming to augment the country’s revenue mobilisation and investments in social services, no longer shall a person’s success or otherwise be determined by the kind of family background he or she comes from.
Mr Kufuor, who was speaking exclusively to Joy News, said the state should now be able to expand its social infrastructure to create equal opportunities for all.
With oil money and with sound management, the country, he maintained, must be able to break the jinx of the deep sea of poverty in which a large section of the populace swim as well as level the uneven advancement in development in the country.
“I expect, this year, our country to be advancing by leaps and bounds to join the middle income group with social services that would guarantee the nation equality of opportunity for all. Whether you come from a well-to-do home or a poor home, the society should be able to fix the safety net that will ensure that all our people…are given equality of opportunity [to explore and exhibit] their God-given talents as far as they can go,” he stated.

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