Nana Akufo-Addo, Once A Nonentity, Now A Nuisance


Ages before becoming a political candidate, there was a scant rumor that Nana Akufo-Addo was using illegal drugs but the story was discounted as he was then a political nonentity and, even if it was true, he was one of many Ghanaians with that habit.
It was not until he declared his intent to lead the NPP and seek the highest office of the land that someone from his own party admonished that the allegation is a potential hitch. Then, before the 2008 elections, Kofi Wayo, a onetime intimate of Nana, audaciously repeated
the accusation on public radio. There and then, Nana should have fought back but he similarly discounted it, perhaps with the assessment that Ghanaians considered themselves forever fortunate to have him as their next president.
As the case stands today, Nana has worked himself into a no-win state. He is not obliged to take a test to prove his purity as some people are demanding(it is usually the accuser who has to prove his accusation) but because, in this case, Wayo has nothing to lose and Nana has all to lose, it is Nana who has to move. If he takes a fair test on his own volition today and passes, his opponents will say he only did so after remaining sober long enough to safeguard that there was no trace of drugs left in him, and if he did not take a test at all but merely denied verbally as he has done years after the
charge, the stigma will forever follow him like his shadow.
In another scenario, should Nana admit the charge and ask for pardon he will be branded as a snobbish person who disrespected the whole country and only admitted his fault when his back was against the wall. The little face-saving move that Nana can make now, if the accusation is false, is to take Wayo to court for character assassination and hit him hard in his wallet. My view is that Wayo has no confirmation to the allegation but Nana is afraid that going after him might cause even more skeletons in his wardrobe to be exposed. When Asiedu Nketia accused him of being a quack lawyer, Nana did not just treat it as a general mosquito bite, rather, his lawyers were quick to explain how one can become a lawyer without reading
law at a university.
When he was accused of being in the company of drunks to the annual festival in Cape Coast, it took a few days for Ursula Owusu, a
current intimate of Nana, to assert that he has not tasted a libation in the last 16 years. So as vociferous as Nana and his cohorts are, why did it take him that long to answer a simple drug use allegation at a time when Ghana had been ascribed as a major drug transit, a fellow parliamentarian from his party is locked up in America for drug-trafficking and evidence drugs keeps disappearing from police custody? And just consider, why will Nana spend all that time and money in 2008 only to allow Wayo to kill his lifelong dream
with a few sentences?
Whether the charge is truthful or not, Nana has allowed it to be another strike on his already appalling record. The NPP can only watch helplessly as it exacerbates his incompetence as a minister, resulting in his inability to campaign on his record. In any serous civilization a man of his caliber would hide from public view but some devotees still sheepishly elevate him as if he is the second coming of Jesus. When he loses again in 2012 the NPP will then admit that they have allowed themselves to be fooled by a man who cannot back his words when given the chance but rather keeps condemning governments that he is not a part of. It is too late now but perhaps the NPP should have had two leaders – Nana to lead the party and the other to stand
for president. Indeed, Nana is now a nuisance to the NPP.
Source: VoiceOfReason