Define your objectives and pursue them with vigour, students admonished


A business development strategist is urging the youth, especially students to clearly define their objectives in life and pursue them vigorously.
Mr. Stephen Antah the executive president of the Foundation for Initiative Development (FFID) was addressing a cross section of the youth from some of the tertiary institutions at a Purpose Discovery Conference held in Accra.
The theme for the conference was “Aligning your purpose with your career.”
Mr. Antah who was also the convener of the conference said every individual has a purpose in life and must make a conscious effort achieve their purpose and be relevant to society.
“When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable” he charged the students.
He said many people now find themselves in careers that are not in line with their purpose in life, and even though they make lots of money, their job satisfaction and fulfillment is suspect.
On the contrary, those who pursue careers of their choice live a fulfilled and happy life, he said.
He admonished the students to learn not only for school but for life and not only for oneself but others, adding it is only then that the individual will be developed holistically and help build the society and the country at large.
The chairman of the conference, Mr. Yao Anane Kuwornu, a business intelligence and strategy professional, reiterated the need for participants to understand their purpose in life and make their career decisions based on that purpose.
He emphasized that fulfillment lies in doing what one is called to do and not just making money.
Other speakers for the conference were Mr. Michael Ohene-Effah, Mr. Emmanuel Eddie Laryea and Mr. Sylvester Phish.
They made presentations on branding for corporate success; the secret to achieving purpose with career in mind; and how to discover purpose respectively.
Purpose Discovery is an annual conference and one of several initiatives of the Foundation for Initiative Development.