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4Play Causes Overcrowding At Silverbird


4PlayThe New Ghanaian movie from the stable of Venus Films Production titled “4Play” brought the Silverbird Cinema at the Mall to a

standstill, on Friday June 4, 2010, when the movie was premiered for the public.

All four Cinema Halls were fully packed concurrently for both the first showing at 6pm and the second showing at 8pm. It was a nice way to end a rainy Friday and a perfect start for the weekend. The romantic family comedy movie, filled with laughter, love, deceit, lies and betrayal sent all the viewers clapping.

Executive producers of the movie, Abdul Sallam Mumuni, expressed his satisfaction at the attendance when he spoke to peacefmonline.com. He said he is very happy the cinema system was becoming strong again like it was in the past when Ghanaians used to troop to watch movies produced in Ghana.

However, Sallam was not surprised at the turn-out because he knew the story was going to fly right from the on-set. “When I was working on the story everybody was happy about it. When I was briefing my artistes about the storyline everybody said they were enjoying it. So when the script came out all the artistes wanted to be part. They did not even talk about money when I gave them the script,” he said.

“4play” is one of the few movies produced by Venus Films as a family comedy. The story is about four very close friends and Schoolmates: Jackie Appiah who played “Jezel”, Juliet Ibrahim (Nivera), Yvonne Okoro (Ruby) and Roselyn Ngiza(Angie), playing a game of lust and love with three men: John Domelo (Rex), Majid Michel (Alvin), Omar Sherrif Captain (Jayke) and a boy Jason Sarpong who played “Kojo”.

Jackie Appiah and John Dumelo were a perfect Couple, Omar Sherrif Captan and Yvonne Okoro married in uncertainty. Majid Michel and Roselyn Ngiza are described in the movie as an ugly couple; and an unprofessional 32 year old lawyer Juliet Ibrahim who is not married was shamefully dating a 16 year old boy.

John and Jackie’s marriage was not perfect after all as he was caught having sex with Jackie’s best friend sugar mummy Juliet Ibrahim; and it was discovered that Jackie had had a deadly abortion before her marriage.

Yvonne Okoro’s world came crushing when she caught her husband Omar cheating on her with his gay partner, and she realized her husband was bi-sexual, even though she was also having a secret affair with the husband of one of her best friends.

Fat and shapeless Roselyn is always fighting with her attractive but unemployed womanizing husband Majid Michel. Will he also sleep with his wife’s friends?

Watch how the emotions, desires and affiliations break these four beautiful ladies apart and how their little secrets will be uncovered. 4Play will be released soon on the market. It is directed by Frank Raja Arase.

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