Ghana’s Most Beautiful Nasara Steals Phone In UK

Miriam Abdul Rauf a.k.a Nasara Miriam Abdul Rauf a.k.a Nasara is the quintessential definition of a true Ghanaian beauty, arguably the most beautiful woman in Ghana

now. Aside her charming looks, the gorgeous beauty queen is also a ‘shark’ reading Business Administration in one of Ghana’s prestigious tertiary institution.

Like many beauty queens, her life took a dramatic turn when she was declared Ghana’s Most Beautiful 2009 at the National Theater in Accra. “I experienced racism on two occasions, the white girls were given more attention and treated better than us the blacks and I was so angry at a point, I had to say on stage that I was black and very proud of it, she lamented. To her, beauty is not about the skin colour of an individual but the intelligence, eloquence and what is within the person and what they can give to society.

Rumour reaching the ‘New Filla Showbiz’ has it that Nasara who represented Ghana at the just-ended Miss Earth 2010 is reported to have stolen a mobile phone and beauty make-up belonging to Miss UK. When the items got missing at where the beauty queens were being housed – an opportunity was given to anybody who might have mistakenly taken the items to own up to avoid disgrace and embarrassment that would come with it. Even though our beauty queen had the items, she did not heed to this advice.

Later, when the mobile number of Miss UK was dialled, the said missing phone was heard ringing in the bag of our Ghana’s Most Beautiful queen Nasara including the makeup kit. In a brief discussion with her manager, Chief Hafiz of Tarch House production, he confirmed the rumour to be true and that he had travelled to the UK after the incident to sort things out and ended up spending 250,000 dollars on the case to avoid further embarrassment.