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Ghana Holds First Africa International Qigong Healing Seminar


Ghana is to hold the first ever in Africa full-scale International Qigong Healing Seminar in Accra, which provides comprehensive training and healing in natural therapy for

hundreds of participants across the country.

The Supreme Science Qigong Foundation from Florida, USA, is organizing this amazing seminar to span June 19th to 22nd this month with the aim of using its proceeds to provide bore holes in communities Ghana specifically in Elimina in the Central Region.

Qigong, a 3,000 year old discipline from China, is a set of practices that involve methods of working with energy within the body and practice as a tool for the enhancement of health and as a spiritual path for growth and enlightenment.

The “Qi” in Qigong means air in Chinese that provides life force and dynamic energy whiles, “Gong” means work or discipline, which then results in a level of skill and benefit to those dedicated to integrating Qigong into their daily lives.

The idea to host the seminar in Ghana was mooted by a Ghanaian Diaspora, Mrs IMAHÃœS Okofu Ababio in collaboration with Support Life International, a local NGO that promotes comprehensive health therapy in Ghana and abroad.

Mrs Okofu Ababio told the Ghana News Agency on Friday in Accra that she is a living witness and a beneficiary of Qigong practice, after she suffered a shoulder dislocation. “I fell and damaged my shoulder. and it was Qigong that healed me.”

She said having lived in America for many years “I see thousands of people coming together for natural health care that also draws different experts in natural healing together.

“Qigong is a wonderful thing and as a Ghanaian knowing that it works in developed countries like USA and other places, I started working at how possible experts of the Supreme Science Centre can come to my country to assist people.”

She said there was lot of negatives about Africa, which were not true and it was all because we have left our history to be written for us by non Africans. “We need to write our own history because most of our healing needs today come from our traditions and cultures, which others in the West are using.

“We have so much in and around us that we can use to maintain our health and our spiritual development. Use Qigong and have a good health,” Mrs Okofu Ababio said.

Ms Jocelyn Brock, a Qigong teacher, who is the key resource person for the upcoming seminar, described the practice of Qigong as a motion into wellness and vitality of an individual.

She said the dream of coming to Ghana to teach Qigong begun five years and noted that, years of many scientific research had gone into the practice in USA and other places with compelling health benefit results.

Shedding more lights on Qigong, Dr Samuel Sasu, Spiritual Leader of the Centre for Spiritual Awareness in Ghana, said Qigong is not a religion but a natural healing form of therapy, which is practice all over the world due to its scientific verification.

He said he was amazed to see a Compact Disc in America containing health information by the Mampong Center for Scientific Research into Plant Medicine when many Ghanaians might not have such information in Ghana.

“In Ghana we are quick to make superstitious statements about our own natural and traditional products, which should not be the case,” Dr Sasu said and hoped that the Qigong seminar would be a wake-up call for many in Ghana.

Mr Issah Musah Adams, President of Support Life International, said there were a lot of natural ways communities in Ghana could be happier and holier always.

“With natural therapy, people can have and live such good life,” he said and noted that Support Life International would set up a comprehensive health therapy centre in Ghana where international health experts would train and heal people.

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