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Friday, August 12, 2022

Elephant causes traffic jam


An elephant brought commuter traffic to a halt when she went for a stroll through a Swiss city centre.

Sabu the elephant escaped from her circus home when she broke free while being loaded into her trailer.

The four tonne animal then went for a dip in Lake Zurich, before walking into the nearby city centre.

Startled motorists gave Sabu, 26, a wide berth as she strolled across Zurich’s six lane one way system.

She was eventually recaptured by animal welfare experts and keepers from her home at the Circus Knie after two hours on the loose.

Circus spokesman Nik Leuenberger, 36, said: “Sabu took a bath in Lake Zurich. We are relieved that nothing happened. She didn’t mean any harm.”

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