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Alex Curran: ‘If we make it to the semis I’d love to go and cheer’


IT’S a great honour for Stevie being captain for the World Cup – but it was so sad that Rio Ferdinand was injured this week. He’s obviously a loss for the whole team.

Steven will definitely be a great captain. I know he’ll do a good job like he does at Liverpool, and I’m sure they’ll all pull together. I’ve decided to stay at home in England to watch the early games and will only go to South Africa if they make the semi-finals.

From what I hear, not many wives or girlfriends are going out there – unless the team gets to the final that is. Nothing’s been organised this year by the FA, so if we want to go we’ll have to make our own plans.With it being so far away, and with our daughters (Lexie, four, and Lilly-Ella, six) being at school, we understood, and I couldn’t go for the whole tournament anyway.

To be honest, it’s Steven’s job. And other men don’t take their wives to work with them do they? It’s about trying to win the World Cup. That’s the way you’ve got to look at it. Because the girls aren’t going, the coverage will all be focused on the football, which is a really good thing.

Some people are a little concerned about where to stay.
Logistically, South Africa’s a huge country and the players might be worried if they knew we were out without them and without security. That could be distracting for the team. Also, a lot of the girls have had babies now, which makes it harder for everyone to travel.
Some of them have kids in school too. That makes it even more awkward. I’ve spoken to Steven quite a lot since he’s got there, about four or five times a day. I’ve spoken to Steven quite a lot since he’s got there, about four or five times a day.

They are obviously quite busy now because they’ve just got over there and they’re training hard. But at night we Skype with the webcam on the internet. That means the kids can see him too. I always text him good luck before the game and he’ll always call to speak to the kids before he leaves for the match.

If we do make it to the semi-finals – and my fingers and toes are firmly crossed – I’ll have to sort out my travel plans at the last minute. I can go as long I don’t come into contact with Steven. I don’t think I’ll be able to see him at all. I’d be there just to go to the games.

That would be so hard after all the weeks apart. I’d be dying!
But it’s a real ban and it’s there for a reason. Every time I turn on the TV at the moment, it’s all about the World Cup. There’s a lot of pressure on them. They know what’s being said because they’re always on the phone and people fill them in.

But there’s no negativity. Not yet anyway. Steven’s really excited now – he just can’t wait to start playing the first game. I hope they can win. I think with the weather over there not being too hot, that goes in our favour. Fingers crossed they will have a good chance.
I know that they’ve got really good security around them and they’re in a gorgeous hotel so I think they’re in terrific surroundings to just concentrate and focus on the football.

The hotel looks amazing! I spoke to Steven and he said EVERYTHING is brand new because they’re the first ones to stay there. But they’re not on a holiday! It’s very intense training. It will be hard for me with Steven being away for so long but I’ve got my family close and Steven’s cousin stays with me a few times a week which is a big help.
Steven, the girls and I are going to Portugal on holiday when he gets time off after the World Cup. We’ve just built a house out there. We’re quite excited about it.

The night before he left, Steven and I went for a meal. We’d taken the kids out in the day.
I also spent time at home with him. He only had a couple of days and he didn’t really want to do much other than chill with me and the kids. It was nice. The kids made him a big card with a big cup on the front. It said: “Hope you win the World Cup.”
He was after a little good luck band to go around his wrist. So I bought him this little friendship band from Links of London.

They have some really nice ones. The one I got him was navy trimmed in silver. He wanted one that was quite plain. For the first game on Saturday I’ve decided to do a big barbecue if the weather’s nice. I’m inviting all my friends and family.

Steven’s family will come – they are not going to South Africa either. We’ll probably have a drink! When Stevie’s at home, he just ignores me when the football’s on! So girls, to get your bloke interested, I think food always does the job! It does with me anyway!
Make dinner for a group of your friends and his friends watching the football. Then you won’t be excluded from it.

Because Steven is away for a long time now, I’ve got to plan a load of things to keep me occupied. I’ll play host and do all the cooking at the BBQ on Saturday. It will take my mind off the game because I’m a bit nervous. The atmosphere is great in the build-up but it will be nerve-wracking. I know I’ll be screaming and shouting with excitement. I’m always watching out for Steven.

If anyone falls over I’m always like, “Who is it? Who is it?”
I’m just desperate for them to win the first game, get the tournament started properly, and then all of us watching at home will be able to relax until the next match. I KNOW Jamie Carragher’s wife Nicola (right with Alex) best out of the WAGs, as both our husbands play for Liverpool.

They are a lovely couple. I haven’t spoken to the other WAGs – I haven’t really got any of their other numbers to be honest.
I only actually see them when I’m at a game. I DON’T wear an England jersey – that would be going too far! I think Steven would tell me, “Oh my God, get it off now!”

I haven’t decided what I’ll be wearing to next Saturday’s barbecue yet but very.co.uk have some great World Cup clothes for us ladies.
Generally, I love wearing loads of bracelets and straw beach-hats when the weather is nice. And definitely sunglasses!
I saw the England team getting on to the plane and leaving for South Africa on Sky Sports. I said to Steven when he arrived, “You all looked really, really smart in the suits.”

When I saw them getting on to the plane I was so proud of them all.
WE’RE definitely not expecting any new arrivals to the family, not yet anyway. There’s no planning for any at the moment. If anything, it might be next year or the year after. Steven’s too busy this year.
Our daughters are all right at the moment because Steven was away training for two weeks before he went to South Africa. They’re sort of used to it.

But sometimes they ask where he is. I just tell them “He’s gone to play football.” They’ll start to miss him more as the time goes on.

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