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Boy, 3, narrowly escapes murder


An attempt by a fisherman to murder the three-year old son of a tenant for ritual purposes has landed him in the grips of the law at Anlo Afiadenyegba in the Akatsi district of the

Volta Region.

Luck ran out for Yao Adzowu, 42, when the boy he was strangling screamed, alerting another tenant to come to his rescue.

At about 11.30pm, on April 12, 2007, Madam Akos Amegashitse left her three-year-old son, Agbo in the room asleep to attend a wake-keeping of a deceased friend.

Adzowu, who allegedly complained he had not been doing well with his fishing expedition decided to use supernatural means to turn his fishing fortunes into bumper harvests. Realizing that Akos had left her son in the room and armed with a sack containing a knife, a cutlass, a pot containing a talisman, cowries, herbs, a plastic container, cloth and a black polythene bag containing human hair, he sneaked into the room where the boy was and placed the items before Agbo and started chanting.

Adzowu thereafter held the neck of Agbo and began to squeeze when the boy screamed. Unknown to Adzowu, a tenant heard the scream of the boy and rushed to his rescue. Sensing danger, Adzowu left the items and took to his heels.

With the help of another tenant the victim was rushed to the Kpota Health Centre where he was revived from unconsciousness.

When Madam Akos was soon informed about the attempted murder of her son, she immediately abandoned the wake-keeping to find out the veracity of the case and attend to her son.

A report was made to the Anlo-Afiadenyegba Police and Adzowu was flushed from his hide-out after investigations.

He was later arraigned before the high court presided over by Mr. Justice Kofi Essel-Mensah, charged with attempted murder.

A state attorney, Comfort Tasiame, pleaded with the court to remand Adzowu, to enable the police to complete their investigations. The court upheld the plea and remanded Adzowu to reappear on May 14.

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