CPP proposes a sports supporters’ lottery


The Convention Peoples Party (CPP) is proposing a sports supporters’ lottery that will help select Ghanaians to support any of the Ghanaian

teams in future tournaments.

The proposal follows government’s decision to select and fund a bi-partisan, multi-sectoral supporters to Angola to rally behind the Black Stars in their final match against Egypt last Sunday, during the finals of the Angola 2010 tournament.

A statement of commendation to the Black Stars and signed by CPP chairman, Ladi Nylander, also congratulated the president for taking the decision to take Ghanaians along to Angola and hoped the policy will be institutionalized for future tournaments.

“We wish to suggest, however, that this gesture be institutionalized and broadened for the upcoming World Cup in South Africa and future tournaments to give every Ghanaian, irrespective of their station in life, the opportunity to cheer on the national team, especially during matches abroad.

“In this regard, we propose that at least 2-3 months before any of our national teams, for both soccer and other sports, male and female, take part in any major international tournaments, a special national lottery be held to give every Ghanaian a chance to support those teams.

“Such a lottery will ensure that the bank manager at Jirapa, the chop bar owner at Axim, the fitter at Techiman or the trotro driver in Aflao has as much a chance to support a national cause as their “privileged” compatriots in Accra.”

Mr Nylander also paid glowing tribute to the silver winner Black Stars at the just ended Nations Cup tournament held in Angola.

He said the performance of the Stars typified the can-do spirit of the Ghanaian and which was clearly demonstrated in Ghana’s drive towards independence.