Kwabena Kwabena Denies Music


Kwabena Kwabena“In this hour where Ghanaian music is been influenced by music from so many places, “Bibini” is here to

preach a simple message that say’s that genuine Ghanaian music still lives…

and the very best of music can be found right here in Ghana” was how the guitar-addictive Kwabena set the ball rolling on Allo Tigo’s special segment dubbed “UNCOVER”.

The award winning, recording, soulful, highlife-song monster had a difficult 2009 surrounded by a lot of media fracas and controversial personal issues. In his words “2009 was a difficult year for me and my career but my fans are still behind me. In the first week I released “Bibini” it was just phenomenal” The remarkable art has been in the industry for the past four years and has three albums to his credit. The latest one is called “Bibini” and is a 9-tracked album and has the likes of “Bibini”, “Dadie Anoma”, “Jealousy” Si abotere” and a special one with Okyeame Kwame called ‘Ade3 rekye Ade3 resaw”. “Just imagine Kwame rapping on an adowa beat and that is a very special song to me.”

Kwabena believes that his songs take some time to sink into the mind of people. “It took like 8 months for “Do Nobi” to start making waves and getting where it is today and I expect “Bibini” to take a while to sink into the minds of Ghanaians.” He concluded by disregarding completely the assertion that music was language effective. “Music has nothing to do with language. Music is rhythm”. He seeks to take music to a stage where no one has ever dreamt of. “To me I’m still in the preparatory stages.

I have only been in the industry for four years and have three albums, but I have so much to do” he signed off with a wonderful rendition of his own hit melody “Do Nobi”. The “Aso” silky mastermind has a new video for a song on his new album called “Dadie Anoma” which is a perfect blend of Ewe and Twi, a classic masterpiece and arguably the finest video to come out from the camp of Kwabena Kwabena.

Kwabena is not a classic video oriented art and this comes as a little shocking. He concluded by showing his appreciation to personalities who had contributed to his success.