Yvonne Nelson’s Trouble On Set With A Suitor

Yvonne Nelson The movies are sweet to watch when they are ready, but its more fun and original when you happen to witness

the actresses and actors doing it before it goes on the tape.

This time, we had the opportunity to be at Double Ds production of the movie with working title “Blood 4 Blood” in an Accra Location. After some few weeks following them boot by boot on location, we realized a major advancement in the movie industry especially on set where actors are now serious with their scripts and everything provided for them for good working conditions.

After witnessing some of the scenes, we spoke to some crew members who have also been in the business for long and asked them how they see the movie industry. They revealed to us that they would like people to stop saying Ghanaian movie is growing but rather to say Ghanaian movie has moved to the top.

Many of the crew members also lamented that, the only problem they have is the way some veteran movie stars treat them. “They do not know how to talk to us, they always want to behave as if they are on the top of the world but they have chosen a career and we have also chosen ours. The fact that they are stars do not mean they should be talking to some of us any how. I have been on set with them many times and they do not change their attitude”.

Luckie Lawson who was also playing the leading role really impressed many who were there to witness the shooting. Yvonne Okoro, Gloria, Yvonne Nelson, David Osei and Eve Asare also did very well compared to the other sets we visited. During a break, they told Flex newspaper that they were happy and impressed to be featured in the upcoming action film called Blood 4 Blood.

One scenario which nearly stopped the production was when Yvonne Nelson started receiving text massages from a man. Our reporter gathered that the person was a suitor who was monitoring her from one set to the other. Yvonne replied the text and it was obvious she told him she was busy.

Yvonne Nelson gave her phone to Yvonne Okoro at a time she wanted to take a close up shot. Due to the ignorance on the part of Yvonne Okoro, she picked the calls and directed those who were looking for Yvonne Nelson to the set where they were having the shooting. Yvonne had to pause the production to welcome the man in her room till the production manager Enoch found out that time was running out.

The production manager then told Yvonne Nelson to attend to the man later so they could pay attention to the shooting. Yvonne saw that as a disturbance so told the man to leave the set but this man would not leave until the P.M. intervened. In an interview with the producer of Double D John Dada, he told Flex newspaper that although he is a Nigerian, he has spent most of his life here and believes that it will be good for him to invest his money into Ghanaian movies.

He revealed that is why he decided to shoot with Ghanaian actors so that the Ghanaian movie industry can also move forward. He described the film as glamour and an action film which he has not seen in the Ghanaian market before and he believes it will come a long way to take the industry to another level. It was directed by Pascal, Naija.