Mercy’s Love was True and Pure Love – Part III


She lingered in the neighbourhood at an odd hour. What was she doing here, I gasped in amazement as her house was miles away. I had seen

her some few days ago, but I just ignored her. The twisted mind was disturbed when I saw her again near the lair. The one of no return; girls who frequented the place had dates with maternity wards. He was a predator; with all those innocent girls forming his harem. There she was; a scintillating essence about to waste away on the altar of despair. It was a wrong place to be in that period in her life; a wrong choice I must say. I was so troubled for her; I wanted to rescue her; led her away to safety; away from the looming gloom.

The girlie name went with Mercy when she moved to her new school. Her school was a single sex school, I believed she was sent there to curb her volatile desires. I was no more taunted with her name. A boy with a girl’s name; it was demeaning. The name sent a sharp sting through the diseased soul instead of joy. I met often her in secret from the curious eyes of Tanko and his group. It was so relaxing the first time I banged into her in town. Her friend said it all; my name was a melodious tune in her ears, she sang it harmoniously and had carved it on her heart. She had fondled my fingers with passion and was almost in tears when I had to leave. I enjoyed it when she coiled her silky self around me.

All these took place in open. She melted into me and gave me warm cuddles. I held her firmly close to me; she was silent; she was breathless. The display of amorous tendencies by kids in front of adults is frowned upon. These wardens of the communal norms usually go over the top. Miscreant lovers displaying their affections in the open are derided. They are not spared the anguish either; married couples. Affections for loved ones are permitted in seclusions. The public eye supervised the open-air love overtures. Rules are rigorous enforced. Mercy refused to abide by the rules. She carved her own restricted world; a very tiny one for herself. A world she shared with me. Cultural norms were devoid of her world; fantasy world.

It was the third time I had spotted Joyce at Tanko’s house. What a waste; an appealing girl with a gleaming future. She was transferred to the school few month backs; to the heart of the Sapphire City. The city with cotton streets; the leafy mahogany trees kept it anew. The Sapphire Tower Spire which inspires many to aspire stood on the green hill, the ‘Hill of Knowledge’ – Legon. Many had been motivated by the imposing presence of the Tower. Its beacon beams its blue light afar; an invite for all keen kindred. ‘The hen is also aware of the approaching dawn’. The motto of the famed female hall; it broke the jinx of the misogynists. Joyce failed to herald the dawn. The parents wanted the best for her; she went for the worst. Visiting Tanko at strange hours was certainly hazardous. She became a prey to the predator just like Esinam and Asantewaa.

I was about to alert her of the danger ahead but it was too late. Tanko came out of the house red eyed and led her away. Incidentally Tanko’s house was not far from mine. A cord in me snapped, I moaned silently for her, for him as the lost souls entered the adult world. Esinam went along the same path; the first affiliate of the harem to go on maternity. The beast found succour in Asantewaa another graceful girl. She took leave of absence. Kids on maternity leave instead of half terms or long vacations. Mercy was too smart. She opted for the harmless; the flawless, the solitary one.

Only Emma knew I visited Mercy at her new school. A trusted friend he was and will not betray me. He was so furious when Amon came onto the scene. I could not let her go; yet I don’t know how to keep her; to make her feel wanted. That was what Emma failed to understand. A mystify child of two worlds I was; an idealistic world in the mind of the introverted. All was calm; the beetles lived beyond reproach and the ant held its court in splendour. It was all romance and delightfulness; imaginary world free from fret.

The diseased world was not afar, the pragmatic one where destiny was faced head on. A failure often led one into a limitless abyss. Amon’s world went bananas and so was that of the harem girls. They basked in the sensations in the waist regions much too often; they yearned for poisonous cuddles that led them into early parenthood. Tanko had his fair share as well. He found himself in the wrong side of life. He fell into a kind of mire; in the middle of a dense wood call life. He had to free himself. He held onto a branch; it cracked; he held onto a twig, it snapped. When others freed themselves from the fetters of destitution, he imbedded himself deeply into it.

Asantewaa’s dream was cut short; her dad a lecturer; had a great deal of hope for her we were told. Tanko the imbecile swept her off her feet. Such news heralds the demise of any romance; even if it was scintillating. She spent days wandering on the estate in search of her truant Romeo. Tanko the foul mouthed escaped when the Inspector called. He was wanted for impregnating a minor. Asantewaa’s world ‘fell apart.’ Achebe was right after all; the centre could no longer hold for her. She went away and no one heard of her again.

I developed a huge craving for my secret rendezvous with Mercy. I became an attention seeker instead. I will just walked through her school compound and she will ran straight into my waiting arms; rubbing her softness into me. Her excitement came with smiles which revealed her interweaved dimples. Nature had been good; it gave her a splendid edifice. Some have every thing in life, wealth, beauty, intelligent etc. the accursed are denied everything excluding ugliness.

Joyce had the morning sickness; fingers pointed to Tanko but he was gone; gone with the north wind. She walked into his room with her innocence. She came out soiled; a child eager to cart someone when she was carted. An extra mouth was to be fed. Such fears made the loner drove away untainted love; fears of planting grotesque seed with solid repercussions. Tanko and his harem were adults when they were to be kids.

To Be Continued