Boy sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for “sucking breasts”, robbery


altAn 18 year-old student was on Tuesday sentenced to 15 years imprisonment, by an Accra Circuit Court for

sucking the breasts of a boutique attendant.

He also robed her of items valued at GH¢2,441 cedis and cash of GH¢100 at gun point.

Randy Naab, a Junior High School (JHS) graduate and a labourer was charged with robbery and indecent assault.

He pleaded guilty to robbery but denied the charge of indecent assault. In Naab’s explanation he said he had completed JHS and needed money to continue with his education, hence, the decision to rob the shop. The convict said he only used the gun to scare the victim but denied sucking her breasts as alleged.

The court, presided over by Mr C.A. Wilson, convicted him on his own plea.

The case as presented by Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Kofi Blagodzi is that the complainant is a sales girl at a popular boutique in Accra, while the convict lived in a wooden kiosk at Trade Fair also in Accra.

He said at about 1430 hours on December 30, last year, the convict went to the boutique with a school bag and asked the victim whether she sells old men’s T-shirts.

DSP Blagodzi said while Naab was being attended to, he pulled out a locally manufactured pistol and warned her not to shout else he would shoot her. The prosecution said Naab pulled the victim into a storeroom in the boutique and attempted to have sex with her.

When the victim pleaded with him to have mercy on her, Naab stopped and folded her blouse to the top and sucked her breasts to his satisfaction. After the act, Naab asked her where she kept her money and, trembling with fear, she pointed out a drawer to him. Naab then tied her leg and sealed her mouth with a cloth and left her to her fate.

The prosecution said the victim managed to crawl to the main entrance where a lady spotted and rescued her.

Later when the victim checked on the items, she detected that pairs of jeans trousers valued at GH¢1,666, T-shirts worth GH¢405, two mobile phones valued GH¢370 and cash of GH¢100 had been stolen.

According to the prosecution, the complainant quickly mobilized some people who spotted Naab at a distance. They apprehended him and escorted him to the Police Station.

When Naab was searched, the items listed and a locally manufactured pistol with two cartridges were found on him.