Christians should not lord it over others– Rev. Deegbe


Reverend Dr. Fred Deegbe, Head Pastor of the Calvary Baptist Church on Sunday advised Christians not to lord it over others, because what ever favour is on them is by the grace of God.

He said: “God knows we are sinners and accepted us the way we are by using Christ to cleanse us of our iniquities.”

Rev. Deegbe gave the advice in a sermon in Accra, during a rededication service of the Changed Life Baptist church (CLBC) at North-Kaneshie in Accra.

CLBC which was formerly known as the North-Kaneshie Baptist Church organised the rededication service, in line with the new mission statement of the church.

This forms part of a three-year strategic plan to ensure the growth and well being of the congregation.

Rev. Deegbe urged Christians to let the fear of God guide them in their thoughts and actions.

He said out of the world’s six billion population, Christians made up only 40 per cent and as such “we must reach out to the world and tell them about the good news of Christ”.

“We must seek those who are unbelievers and share the word of God with them. We would need each other to help do this work,” he added.

He said Christians must continue to fellowship with one another to strengthen their faith and knowledge in the word of God.

Rev. Paul Achin, Head Pastor of the CLBC said the church put in place the strategic plan to be the blueprint of the programme and activities of the mission for the next three years.

He said the document would become the focal point of the church’s development and asked members to support its implementation.

Later Rev. Deegbe unveiled the church’s new logo and 2010 theme: “A change life for Christ”.

Source: GNA