Van Vicker under fire


Van VickerGhanaian actor, Van Vicker is not enjoying the best of relations with Nollywood community as he has been accused of arrogance and disrespect to some of the biggest stars in Nollywood including RMD, Ramsey Nouah and Desmond Elliot.

Van was said to have claimed on set that he is the best thing to have happened to Nollywood of late and should not be compared to Ramsey Nouah but RMD. He said that in response to his comparison to Ramsey Nouah on set. He was also said to have insisted on not playing a supporting role to Desmond Elliot who had been told earlier that he was playing lead role.

The producer had to beg Desmond to take Van’s role and allow Van to play the lead. And to make matter worse, Van was said to have gone to the set unprepared because he was not ready to take the supporting role. “You need to see him, he did not read his script. He came determined not to play the supporting role and he eventually had his way.

I pitied Desmond that day; but you know he is a gentleman so he took it in his stride” a location source told us.
As a result of that, a lot of Nollywood actors have been said to despise Van. One of them even told us that he has vowed never to work with Van Vicker on any location. “I think it is the height of insult for Van to disrespect these people. How can Van compare himself to RMD? He is not even better than Nonso Diobi or Mike Ezunronye. To disrespect Ramsey and Desmond is a collective insult on all of us. These are guys that paved the way for all of us” an aggrieved actor told us.

But the men at the center of the drama, Ikechukwu Onyeka and Van Vicker denied all the allegations. Van said he would never disrespect Ramsey. “I did not say anything like that. I think some people are just trying to tarnish my reputation. Ramsey is a man I respect so much. I’ve even called him to come and do a twin movie with me because we look alike. People are just trying to create enmity where there is none. I did not say those things about RMD or Ramsey.

These are senior colleagues that I can never disrespect. Those who know me would know I will never say that about those people” Van told us on phone from Ghana. And on the issue of taking over Desmond’s role, he said he can’t remember that happening. “I’ve only worked with Desmond like twice or so. I can’t remember saying I can’t play under him. He has been in this game before me, so I have no issue playing under him. And I did not take his roles. I am not like that Sam, some people are just trying to malign my character” he concluded.

Ikechukwu Onyeka unlike Van remembered what happened on set but insisted that it was not as we’ve been told. Said he: “What happened was not Van’s fault. I think Van and Desmond were told they would be playing same role, so it was when they got to set that they realized they would be playing same role and as matter of principle Van said he wouldn’t step down because that particular role was what he prepared to act. He did not say he can’t play under Desmond”.
The incident happened on location at Sky Movies international. Desmond Elliot was not available for comments when we tried to reach him.