Bridle your mouth, shameless Opanin Poku!!


Yours sincerely has come to understand the saying that the old age of Methuselah has nothing to do with the wisdom of King Solomon. Opanin Kofi Poku Manu, the Ashanti Regional Minister, has proved the saying very right.

This old minister is a disgrace to the elderly in society who deserve our respect. Since he made his unfortunate statement that supporters of the NDC should beat up anyone who criticizes the Atta Mills government, he has lost all the respect that he should have earned as somebody who has come this far in life. The typical Ashanti man is not known for violence.

The Ashantis are hard working and do not do things that will bring their clan into any disrepute. They are a proud tribe and they lay emphasis on decorum and respect for human life.

That is why they spend a lot on the funerals of the deceased. They may even sell their cocoa farms to organize a befitting funeral for their departed family members.

This old man is calling for the re-introduction of the ‘Culture of Silence’. In other words, he is telling Ghanaians not to voice out whatever is worrying them, and anyone who does that should be bludgeoned. That to me is absurdity, if not madness to the highest level.

I had cause to write sometime ago that the politician’s number one enemy is the microphone.

When Minister Kofi Poku unbridled his mouth, he started suffering from verbal diarrhea or what Lenin will describe as infantile disorders.

Agya Kofi Poku opened his old mouth too wide, thereby incurring the displeasure of the peace-loving people of this nation.

No wonder his boss, Professor Atta Mills, appealed to Ghanaians to forgive him. Where forgiveness means what, Prof?

The truth is that having sent the message to these blood-thirsty goons in the NDC, forgiveness or no forgiveness, they will follow Opanin Poku’s instruction. So you see; the battle line is clearly drawn. Only hope remains.

This old man called Kofi Poku Manu is undoubtedly a made in Ghana Robert Mugabe.

The man will go down in history as a septuagenarian who was given the opportunity to man the affairs of the Ashanti Region, but having failed as a minister, called for violence as a substitute for development.

I don’t not know whether this man has children in Kumasi but if he does, then I am sorry, he has brought disgrace to his family.

How can an old man, who is far advanced in age, stoop so low into the gutter and besmear his body with dirt? Was he carried away because of the impending reshuffle? In case of any trouble, will he ask his children to join the battle?

Where will he be when the fire starts burning? Or maybe he thinks his feeble legs can carry him far when the running battle starts.

I think the law of diminishing returns is telling on the mind of this seemingly senile, docile and toothless old man. He really needs the services of an exorcist.

He seems to be possessed by the devil, and all men of God should go down on their knees to pray for him. The man simply needs deliverance. Beat people when they criticize a government?

Habba, Agya Opanin! This is a man who should have known better. Does he know that the Ashanti Region is the stronghold of the NPP?

In case the youth of Kumasi who support the New Patriotic Party decide to attack the Ewe carpenters at Sokoban in Kumasi, who are mostly NDC sympathizers, what will happen?

This man should be sacked and prosecuted for inciting violence immediately in order to bring peace to the people of Ashanti Region. Opanin Kofi Poku has thrown down a gauntlet and should expect uncharitable commends from well-meaning Ghanaians.

If this unfortunate statement had been made by any young man in the NDC, I would not have bothered myself to write this piece.

But for an old man like this one who rose to the rank of a Chief Director in the Civil Service to call for the flow of blood, I am sorry, he has lost the respect of all and sundry.

Listen to this yesterday’s man: “I am urging you to beat them because in this world, we do not wish good for our detractors, nor deal leniently with them”.

Ah, and so Kufuor was stupid to have allowed him, an NDC sympathizer, to work as a Metropolitan Co-ordinating Director in the stronghold of the NPP.

In fact, in this country there is madness in the stomach of some of our elders. I do not think this man is a Christian, and if he is then he has brought the name of the church he attends into disrepute.

No wonder the former Ashanti Regional Minister, Ohene Agyekum, cursed his detractors with Antoa Nyamaa! Violence and curses seem to be the trademark of anyone appointed by the NDC to work in the Ashanti Region.

Did I hear that the minister has rendered an unqualified apology to the supporters of the NPP and Ghanaians? That is not enough.

The man should submit a hand-written apology to the editor and management of DAILY GUIDE for first denying ever making the statement when the newspaper broke the news.

If radio stations had not got the recorded version of his statement and played it on air for the whole world to hear, the NDC serial callers who had rehearsed their verbal terrorism tactics would have descended heavily on the DAILY GUIDE unduly. This is not the first time a minister of the ruling NDC has been caught pants down.

Anytime the DAILY GUIDE reports a story which does not go down well with the NDC, the first thing they do is to flatly deny and later accept when the paper proves the truth of the story beyond reasonable doubt.

This absurdity should stop now because the DAILY GUIDE, the leading private newspaper in Ghana which has been able to withstand the test of time, will not stoop so low.

If some newspapers think hiding the truth is their hallmark, I am afraid the DAILY GUIDE will always use the truth as a guard post.

Indeed, I must admit that the truth is bitter, but as the Lord Jesus Christ said, only the truth will set you free. When soldiers stripped two men naked at Bawku, the powers that be denied the story until the DAILY GUIDE newspaper published the video footages.

The current on-going Wilsongate Affair and its accompanying denial by Alex Segbefia is yet another typical example of the Denial Syndrome which has become a characteristic of officials of the ruling NDC. It is not for nothing that the sages say the truth is like a calabash.

It cannot be submerged under water. Sadly, the NDC apparatchiks have been trying desperately and unsuccessfully to submerge the calabash under water.

Someone out there should tell them that the battle to uncover the truth continues unabated. Some of us believe in the power of truth in the conduct of the affairs of this nation.

That is why when we see evil camped across the horizon; we call that evil by its name.

Those who think those who travel on the path of truth will get tied in the process should rather gird up their loins for a long and gruesome battle to unearth the truth.

This year, the battle will be hotter, and so those who cannot withstand the pressure had better go for their supper before the dew of dawn soaks them.
This is the new year message from your Earth Angel Gabriel, the senior messenger of the Lord God of Host.

Credit: Eric Bawah/Daily Guide