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NDC will lose by ballot not by rigging


Akufo-Addo: NDC will lose by ballot not by riggingNana Akufo-Addo, in calling for free, fair and peaceful elections, has cautioned the National Democratic Congress against their propaganda strategy of giving the impression that if they lose the December polls then it would be because the polls were rigged.

He told Ghanaians not to be fooled by attempts by the NDC to equate electoral defeat to being defrauded.

The message from the 2008 Presidential Candidate of the incumbent New Patriotic Party to voters in the Central Region comes at a time when NDC founder, Jerry John Rawlings and others, appear to be preparing the grounds for their probable defeat in 101 days’ time by seeking to plant “empty” seeds of electoral malpractices, according to Nana Akufo-Addo.

The NPP Presidential Candidate told voters in the Central Region that elections are a simple task where voters go into the polling booth to vote according to their conscience.

“It is not a fight. It does not call for violence and we would not allow a single Ghanaian blood to be spilled over this simple but important democratic expression of choice”, he said, to overwhelming endorsement from his audience.

While the recent registration exercise was fraught with allegations of the NDC registering minors in their stronghold, this has, nevertheless, dimmed NDC efforts towards degrading NPP campaign efforts with threats of alleged electoral malpractices.

Baba Jamal, who is the NDC parliamentary candidate for Akwatia, said on Saturday that the NDC was ready for a violent battle for takeover of power if the NPP attempted to rig this year’s general elections.

“We are not promising ‘Kenya’ situation in Ghana, but if the NPP takes advantage of its incumbency to rig the December general elections in its favour, then the NDC has no option than to do everything within its power and means to take the governance of this country by hook or crook”.

But in response, Mustapha Hamid, Nana Akufo-Addo’s spokesperson said: “The NDC just don’t get it! They know they have no message; no credible track record; they don’t have a strong candidate and their structures on the ground are weak.”

Mr Hamid said Ghanaians can see through the NDC’s tendency to “rubbish” the NPP against the evidence.

“When people freely show up at our rallies (even mini rallies) they say we bus them around.

When they know that we are winning they say we are preparing the grounds to rig the elections when in fact, they are preparing the grounds against accepting defeat that will be fair and clean”, said Nana Akufo-Addo’s spokesperson
Source Statesman

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