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DoctorÂ’s perspective on condom ads


big-condom.jpgThe Principal Medical Officer at the Ghana Health Service holds strong
views about the campaign on the use of condoms; he claims it encourages
immoral behaviour among the youth.

to Dr. Bortier Ed Nignpense, condom is best for couples who or are
already infested with the HIV and want to have sexual fun.

“There is nothing made by man that is 100 percent perfect” as condom could fail in the course of sexual action, he declared.

For the medical doctor, churches must even preach against the use of the rubber tube.

Dr. Nignpense was speaking at a day’s seminar on HIV-AIDS organised for some youth groups in Tema.

said abstinence from sex before marriage calls for commitment,
determination, perseverance and the will of God reiterating the call on
those in courtship to have HIV test before marriage to know their

The medical officer debunked the notion that total
cleansing of the private part with water clears the virus after sex
saying that once everything has entered there was no prevention and
rather advised on waiting for the appropriate time to marry.

advised against the sharing of items like razor, tooth brushes and
others with other people as that contributes to the transmission of the
virus if one is infested.

Dr. Nignpense warned against
stigmatization and entreated the public to give hope to people living
with AIDS as some may not have contracted the diseases through immoral

Source: GNA

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