Mandela bans Naomi Campbell

mandelanaomi.jpgNelson Mandela has banned Naomi Campbell from appearing on stage at his 90th birthday concert.

former South African leader is reportedly so upset by Naomi’s behaviour
over the past few months – which includes assaulting two police
officers on a British Airways flight in April and being sentenced to
200 hours community service for the offence – he has personally
requested she be taken off the programme from the star-studded event in
London on Friday.

A source told Britain’s Daily Mail online:
"Nelson himself intervened and she was pulled off the list. He was
disappointed with her recent arrest – particularly as she was wearing a
baseball cap bearing the name of his Aids-awareness charity, 46664, at
the time.

"Naomi was slated to introduce some of the acts on
stage as she has done with 46664 concerts in the past, but she has been
informed that this time she can only sit in the grandstand."

Naomi has always been close to Mandela, and even calls him her ‘honorary grandfather’.

is said to have visited him for advice on handling her anger after she
was arrested for throwing a cellphone at her housekeeper in 2006.