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Agya Koo Snubs Journalists


agya_koo01.jpgPOPULAR ACTOR and comedian, Agya Koo last week snubbed media
practitioners who attempted to interview him as well as take shots of
him at the wake-keeping of the late Kwame Owusu Ansah.

upon learning of his arrival at the funeral grounds rushed to get some
photographs of the star, apparently for publication.

To their
dismay however, the actor’s body guards ordered them not to take shots
of him. Not even an explanation that they were media personnel could
make the body guards acquiesce.

The machomen went overboard, vowing to confiscate the cameras of those who would dare take pictures of the comedian.

Surprisingly, Agyaa Koo looked on and did nothing to stop his men while they harassed and threatened journalists.

Neither Agya Koo nor his body guards gave reasons for their actions.

the Trade Fair Centre Pavilion ‘A’, where the funeral was held after
the burial ceremony, the situation was the same. But BEATWAVES’
photographer managed to get a shot of him while the guards were busy
trying to stop other cameramen from taking pictures.

Meanwhile some media gurus have described the incident as ‘unfortunate’.

According to them, if Agyaa Koo had a problem, he should have given a professional excuse since he was a public figure.

Others however laughed the incident off saying, “May be Agya Koo and his men mistook the cameras for firearms.”

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