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Army ‘helping to run Mugabe campaign’


mugabe_in_zim.jpg Documents obtained by the BBC suggest for the
first time that the Zimbabwean military is actively involved in running
the re-election campaign for President Robert Mugabe.More than 60
people have been killed, thousands have been beaten and many more have
been driven from their homes in related violence.The papers outline
plans by Zanu-PF, the ruling party, to harass and drive out opposition
supporters, especially from rural areas.

from eye-witnesses and victims from across Zimbabwe as well as internal
party documents show that violence and intimidation are being used to
try to guarantee the re-election of Robert Mugabe against the
challenger, Morgan Tsvangirai of the Movement for Democratic Change
(MDC), on 27 June. The documents suggest that the JOC, or Joint
Operations Command, is now actively helping to conduct the president’s
campaign, running logistics and operations.The JOC is made up of the
heads of the military and state security organisations.

Another document lays out the party’s tactics, including the use of scarce food supplies as a political weapon.
commodities should be sold from either people’s shops or pro-Zanu-PF
shops," it says. "Emphasis should be in party strongholds."It talks
about giving the notorious and feared war veterans, responsible for
much of the violence in Zimbabwe, a "leading role in Zanu-PF

Source: BBC 

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