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Musician hold annual meeting to discuss piracy


music_piracy.jpg The International Federation of Musicians has
held its annual meeting in Zurich, Switzerland, where it discussed
moves to curb piracy in the music industry.  Members expressed concern
about new digital recording equipment  being put into the system by
multi national agencies.

were highly critical of the Blue Ray digital device which they said was
very sophisticated and is likely to be misused by pirates.  The
President of the Federation, John Smith, said it is regrettable that
more machines are being put into the system which pirates are likely to
exploit to the disadvantage of intellectual property rights owners. 
The Chairman of the African Committee of the Federation, Alhaji Sidiku
Buari, called for negotiations with the manufacturers of the new
digital machine to consider withdrawing it from the market or
manufacture it as a player and not a recorder. 

He said
commercializing such a recorder in its latest form is highly
detrimental more especially to musicians in Africa who are over
burdened with poor sales due to piracy.  Another option is for them to
adapt it in such a way that it cannot be used to duplicate audio or
audio-visual works in commercial quantities.  Alhaji Sidiku suggested
that manufacturers give rights to distributors whose output they could
appropriately control so that the product is not  abused by pirates. 
In a situational report, Alhaji Sidiku was happy that live band music
is gradually bouncing back in countries like Ghana, Malawi and South
Africa.  He hoped the fever would catch on with other countries on the


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