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EXCLUSIVE! More Legal & Financial Drama For Justin Bieber! Deets HERE!

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Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse for the recently belligerent Bieberoni, we find out about this!!!

According to EXCLUSIVE! sources, there’s some major dramz going on at his massive mansion in Calabasas! Yup, the very same one Khloe Kardashian reportedly bought!!

Justin Bieber had ordered work done to the house, but the renovations or remodeling or whatever has just been halted over a payment dispute!!

The Boyfriend singer supposedly owes a few folks some serious $$$$! So now a mechanics lien has been placed on his house to the tune of $85K!!!

Ugh! Just what he needed — more legal woes!!

And yet… he’s strutting his stuff like he doesn’t have a care in the world!

The 20-year-old took his talents to Texas for SXSW and sex-ay dancing with lady love Selena Gomez — he seemingly doesn’t give a dried rat turd about any of the effed up allegations or negative press swirling about his head!

He’s young, he’s in love, he’s got other stuff on his mind!

Still, we wonder whether this will screw up the sale to Khloe K.!

See the lean mean mechanic’s lien for yourself (below)!

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