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4-Year-Old Killed Just Hours After Leaving His father’s Funeral


Such sad news, Carder Brown A 4-year-old boy of Chester PA, was struck by a van on Saturday only hours after returning from his father’s funeral.

Carder’s father, Derrick Brown, died from gunshot wounds during a April 5th shoot-out in Chester, only four miles from Carder’s accident.

According to investigators, the child had been watching a DVD in his family’s gold Dodge Charger parked on a corner.

The child seen his mother and jumped from the backseat of the car and was instantly hit by a Ford passenger van.

Carder was rushed to the nearby Crozer-Chester Medical Center, where he died moments later from injuries sustained during the accident.

The driver of the van was taken into custody at the scene for questioning.

Chester Mayor John Linder arrived to express his condolences to the Brown family stating

“No one wants to go through that and bury a son and then have to bury a grandson,” he said. “You can’t explain it.”

May father and son rest in peace together.


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