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Two arrested in connection with Abuakwa murder

Two persons have been arrested in connection with the grisly murder of the 13-year old boy at Abuakwa, a suburb of the Ashanti regional capital, Kumasi.

The suspects are Pastor James Akwasi Appau, 42, an uncle of the boy and 64-year-old Kofi Adjei, also an uncle of the boy’s late father, Pastor Johnson Opoku.

Thirteen-year-old Akwasi Opoku Yeboah was beheaded by an unknown assailant in the early hours of Monday. His mother, Felicity Opoku and sister Rita Opoku were left with deep machete wounds.

Residents of the Kumasi suburb were in utter shock after the story broke and the police promised to act with dispatch to bring the perpetrator(s) to book.

The police announced the arrest of Messrs Appau and Adjei barely 24 hours after the gruesome murder.

The Public Relations Officer of the Ashanti regional Police, ASP Mohammed Yussif Tanko, who confirmed the arrests to Luv FM’s Erastus Asare Donkor, said the police are holding the two as prime suspects because there had been a dispute between them and Felicity Opoku over her late husband’s estate.

The suspects reportedly locked up some rooms in a house belonging to the late Opoku, denying the widow and her children access to those rooms.

The police say the architectural designs of the house are of such nature and character that it requires sufficient knowledge of the house to be able to identify the room in which the victims were sleeping, especially given that the act was carried out when there was a blackout.


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