The Two Weeks Ultimatum Has Elapsed! Where Is Suweiba’s Baby KATH?

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The time has come for everybody to treat others the way he or she would like to be treated. The rate at which expectant mothers are losing their babies has reached unacceptable proportions.

I hope Suweiba would exercise her right to seek redress in the law court for the negligence and insensitive behavior of KATH authorities.
Ministry of Health must institute measures to punish whoever was involved in what happened to all the mothers who lost their babies on that day.

To the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) and it allied groups, who found nothing wrong with the behavior of their colleagues, who have decided to drag their good name in the mud, I say shame on them.

God is watching all of us and as a Muslim, my Quran teaches me that we will all account for our stewardship on this earth. Whatever position or possession God gave you, you will account for it, whether you used it to advance the cause of humanity or for your personal aggrandizement at the expense of your fellow human beings.