NPP Boycott Of NEF Was Right, Mr. Pianim

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Ultimately, though, even Mr. Pianim would be hard put to ignore the fact that what matters most is how the Mahama government operatives deal with data generated by the NEF, and not merely the question of who showed up at Senchi and who did not.

This is what I understand the following quote from the renowned Ivy-League industrialist to imply: “We should not let Ghanaian citizens believe that we don’t care about their welfare. They are complaining that the economy is not moving in the right direction. Why are we refusing to participate if there is a very low probability that whatever we say might influence government policy?”

In essence, Mr. Pianim is in full agreement with Chairman Afoko, except that the former believes that the politically savvy thing for the NPP leadership to do, ought to have been to go along with the patent charade that was the NDC-sponsored NEF, knowing full well that it was just that – a charade. If my interpretation has validity, then, of course, Mr. Pianim is all the more hypocritical for attending the Senchi NEF.