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UN, CAN condemn Abuja bombing

The United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon is shocked and saddened by the many lives lost in a bomb attack at a bus station in the Nyanyan neighbourhood, close to the Nigerian capital Abuja.

This is contained in a statement by the UN.

Ki-moon, who strongly condemned all such indiscriminate killings and acts of violent extremism, said “The perpetrators of this attack, and those responsible for the continuing brutal attacks in the northeast of the country, must be brought to justice.”

In same vein, President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor has also condemned the attack describing it as inhuman, ungodly and barbaric.

He also commended security agencies for the efforts they have displayed against the menace if Boko Haram Islamic sect but suggested that the fifth columnists among them should be fished out and dismissed.

Oritsejafor in a statement personally signed by him also sympathized with the families of those who lost their lives saying “God will not forsake them.”

The statement reads:

“I completely condemned the bomb attack on a motor park in Nyanya, a satellite community on the outskirts of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. This is very inhuman, ungodly and barbaric. I don’t even have the adjectives to describe what these mad people have done. As far as I am concerned, the perpetrators are not human beings and in my own opinion, when they finally die their corpses should be given to pigs because they are on the same level with pigs.

“How do you do this kind of thing to human beings? So definitely, they cannot be humans. It is so unfortunate. To make it worse, there are people who are sponsoring them. As the judgment of God comes upon them, the judgment if God will also come on those who are sponsoring them. Anybody who has given N1:00 (One Naira) to these people, whether they are local people or foreign financiers, the same judgment will come upon them and their children. They will not escape it. So those are my words.

“I sympathise with families who have lost their beloved ones. What else can I say to them than it is well. God is still God, He knows before it happens. I pray that He will comfort them and bring them out of this unbelievable tragedy. God will not forsake them. For those who are injured and still alive, may God give them speedy recovery.

“I also say that God will not foresake Nigeria; we will come out of this problem. There is enough prayer that is going up everyday which I believe will make a difference in this nation. Nigerians should be encouraged.

“We will continue to appeal to government, especially the security agencies to work together and share intelligence. In know they are trying, I am not one of those that will condemn security agencies because if they have not been doing anything, it would have been worse than what we are seeing today.

“But they should be able to share intelligence and be able to find those among them that are sabotaging their efforts. There are people within the security agencies that sympathize with this madness. As they discover them, they should be exposed and dismissed from the service. It is very important that such will still happen.”

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