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Shopaholic …with Lola Alao

Lola Alao

Do you enjoy shopping?

It is fun. It is a necessity as well. I shop every time. I know I sell things but that is not even the reason. I shop all the time. I prefer shopping abroad though. I make sure I shop anywhere I am.

Are you a designer freak?

I am not. It is just name. If something is beautiful and has good quality, I buy it. I believe in quality and not quantity. I don’t care about designer.

Do you shop alone?

I shop with friends and I go alone at times. When I am abroad, I shop with my husband but when I am in Nigeria, I shop alone or I go with friends as well.

Would you allow anybody to shop for you?

I do that. My friends go to shops and I tell them to take a picture of the thing they would want me to buy. If I like it, I tell them to get it for me. There is no big deal in somebody shopping for me if I am not there as long as the item is good.

What do you wear when you go shopping?

I love to wear my tights. You know you have to fit things you buy. It is more convenient.

What do you normally shop for?

I love jeans. I love jewellery as well but I don’t buy my jewellery here. I have a friend who goes to Dubai to buy jewellery and I buy from her.

Do you consider price when you shop?

Of course I consider it. If you like, call me alaroro, I don’t mind. I love quality anyway.

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Shopaholic …with Lola Alao

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