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No more agents in driving licence application, says FRSC

FRSC said it had eliminated the role of proxies and agents in applying for and acquiring vehicle numbers and drivers’ licences in the country.

Mr Abayomi Olukoju, Principal Staff Officer to the Corps Marshal and Chief Executive of the FRSC, stated this in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria in Lafia on Wednesday.

Olukoju said the move was due to the adoption of a new online process “which gives no room for third party assistance.”

He explained that the new process made it possible for applicants to process the application by themselves.

Olukoju explained that applicants would fill a form via the Internet, taking fingerprints and digital passports and pick up their licences and number plates at designated centres across the country.

“Motorists can fill the form online through the Driver’s Licence Portal which is www. nigeriadriverslicence. Org,  print the acknowledgement sheet and pay to any of the participating banks.

“The site for the number plates is www. nvisng.org. where you can verify whether the number plate on your car is genuine.

“Payment is only done to the bank as nobody is expected to pay money to any agent,” he said

Olukoju said that after the process, the applicant would go to any designated centre for fingerprint and be captured electronically.

He said there would be no submission of passport or signature by any proxy or agent, stressing that anyone who does that was working towards a fake licence.

Olukoju added that FRSC approved the new digital process to curtail fraud, counterfeiting, forgery and checkmate extortion of excessive charges from innocent unsuspecting applicants.

“We have realised that most people are ignorant of the process, or want quick service delivery. These people come under the guise that they can do it immediately.

“These agents only collect money and issue fake papers or licences,” he said.

Olukoju warned that any applicant caught patronising proxies and agents for licences and number plates would be prosecuted and punished along with the proxies and agents involved.

“It is unlawful to possess fake licence or number plate. Our commands have been instructed to ensure that anyone carrying such is arrested for prosecution,”  he said.

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