Somalia: Puntland Clan Blames Al Shabaab for Scholar’s Killing

Garowe Online (Garowe)

31 December 2011

Galdogob — A Somali clan in the northern region of Puntland has issued a public statement signed by 21 traditional elders and community leaders blaming Al Shabaab terror group for the killing of an Islamic scholar earlier this month, Radio Garowe reports.

The public statement was released in Galdogob town, in Puntland’s Mudug region, on 30 Dec 2011 and signed by community leaders of Leelkase (Darod) clan, led by Ugas Ali Ugas Mohamed, the chief of elders.

The statement contained 9-points, stating that the Leelkase clan nominated an independent committee to investigate the killing of Dr. Ahmed Haji Abdirahman, who was gunned down in the Puntland port city of Bossaso on 5 Dec 2011.

On Friday, Puntland Security Minister Kalif Isse Mudan told a press conference in Bossaso that Puntland security services have arrested seven persons in connection with the killing of Dr. Ahmed Haji Abdirahman.

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The public statement sent condolences to the Somali people and thanked everyone who helped and offered their prayers.

The statement noted that the Puntland government and the Islamic scholars in Puntland State have separately blamed Al Shabaab terror group for murdering the scholar, Dr. Ahmed Haji Abdirahman.

Point 2 states that the Leelkase clan viewed the decision by the Puntland government and the Islamic scholars to blame Al Shabaab group was “quick judgment” and therefore nominated an independent committee to investigate the crime.

Point 6 states: “The Leelkase clan is confirming to the Somali people and to Muslims worldwide that the unjust and intentional killing of Dr. Ahmed Haji Abdirahman was carried out and organized by Al Shabaab group, particularly the Amniyaat group led by Ahmed Abdi Godane.”

The statement continues on to say that the Leelkase clan has reached a collective decision to not respond in kind to the scholar’s killing, adding that the clan will be satisfied with an Islamic ruling on the case.

It is the first time that a Somali clan has publicly blamed Al Shabaab for killing notable persons in Somalia. Puntland government officials blame Al Shabaab for a string of assassinations and bombings in Puntland’s major towns targeting government officials, community leaders, journalists, businesspersons and activists.

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