Civil Society Groups Petition President over EPAs

4 viagra delay spray Civil society groups and private sector organisations have urged President John Dramani Mahama to ensure that Ghana does not sign on to the Economic Partnership Agreement recently concluded between West Africa and the European Union (ECOWAS-EPA).

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All these can now be freely imported from Europe, ultimately with zero import tariff, if the ECOWAS-EPA is adopted.

On government procurement, Dr Graham said it would be said for Ghana to be denied that policy space, which government could use as a tool to create a stable market for local producers of most of the things that government purchased.

In Ghana, the use of procurement is crucial for fulfilling the local content policy whether in the oil and gas, mining, timber or any other sectors.

On deregulation of capital accounts, the EU seeks to facilitate, for its investors and financial dealers, the free flow of capital in and out of the Ghanaian economy and this would take away the very instruments used by the Bank of Ghana to manage our recent foreign exchange crisis.

“At the very least, the savings in revenue that our countries can make by not signing the EPAs are about three times the cost to the three (3) or so groups of exporters who will be affected, and that some of this saving can be used to support these exporters in the time that it will take us all to work to help them to diversify their export markets,” he said.