Afriyie-Ankrah Takes Fight To World Cup Travel & Tour Operators

1 blue viagra The former Sports Minister has accused the three Travel and Tour operators contracted to handle Ghana supporters during the Brazil 2014 World Cup of being unprofessional.

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“We had formed a supporter’s welfare management group of about 30 people and we asked them to meet them and tell them the problem. Apart from other individuals who came from the diaspora an the GNPC people we didn’t have supporters at the Portugal game.

He insinuated that there might have been a deliberate conspiracy by the travel agents to sabotage the plans of the Sports Ministry, as he believes there were far too “many coincidences”. He further stressed that they (travel operators) had no excuse for failing the supporters.

“I was broken. I was devastated. I kept wondering ‘what is going on?’ because there were too many coincidences. And on our part we had done everything. We don’t charter planes, we give it to people – agents – to do that. Now this raises issues about late payments but prior to all this we had asked them ‘Do you have the capacity to pre-finance?’ and they said yes. Now they are denying it but they don’t know that we have documentation for all this.”

He emphasized countless times that the mess created was entirely the fault of the travel agencies, saying they went about their duties unprofessionally.

“If you are an agent or professional and you know that to be able to deliver a service you needed to be paid maybe one week or one month, you don’t take late payments and promise a service and later on come and use that as an excuse. Come on, it’s unprofessional. So then I had to bear the grunt of all these mishaps, and it was terrible.”