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Netflix ‘poster girl’ Khosi Ngema showcases capabilities as singer, songwriter

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While she aims to demonstrate that she is more than just an actor, Ngema has been tapping into different palates of genres which include a blend of Afro-soul, Amapiano and Alternative R&B.

“I am a very heart-focused musician. The music I make is always drawn to matters of the heart and I lead from there. I’m very open-minded at the moment and I don’t want to box myself into just one specific genre. I want to explore more with music that just flows through me.”

Ngema hit stardom in 2020 through the highly acclaimed Netflix series and she recalls how her life drastically changed four years ago when she got the kick-start she needed as one of the rising stars to keep our eyes – all thanks to her very first role as Fikile Bhele. 

“My introduction into the industry felt like I was being catapulted into it, especially because Blood & Water was my first professional job that I’ve ever booked… so on its own, it was quite a bizarre and huge adjustment for me,” said the 24-year-old actor. 

“There wasn’t like a time where I said to myself, ‘Okay, here’s a smaller role that will help build me up’… I just went straight into it.

“Yes, I did experience a lot of anxiety and imposter syndrome which I feel like a lot of artists go through but me being me, I snapped out of it and reminded myself what I had to do and deliver it as best as I can.”

With one of her biggest fears being to be singled out as the “newbie on set”, the daughter of seasoned actor Mangaliso Ngema forced herself to learn how to shake off her insecurities that often took her back to the shy, timid little girl she used to be. 

Fortunately, a friendship she didn’t see coming was with her co-star and another rising star, Ama Qamata, helped her hone her craft even more. “Looking back at it, I feel like I was blessed because our cast was full of younger stars who were relatively new in the acting industry,” she said.

“Stars like Ama, who I have become extremely close to now. Shooting the show, Ama and I literally got to hold hands, lean on each other and hype one another whenever one of us felt lost… having her with me felt like a huge blessing. 

“The way we started becoming friends solidified how we’ll forever be there for each other.”

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