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WATCH: What’s so wonderful about the Wonderbag?

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While by no means a newcomer to the culinary scene, I want to share the benefits of the Wonderbag with more South Africans.

For many years I have been curious about the Wonderbag. Friends have arrived at dinner parties with their warm bredies, soups and roasts wrapped up in their Wonderbag.

This highly insulated bag enables slow-cooking without reliance on electricity, mirroring the functionality of a slow-cooker and capable of cooking food for extended periods, up to eight hours.

Over the years, the bag has been a major help in disadvantaged households that don’t have access to electricity.

The Wonderbag is perfect for days when we have load shedding and the slow cooking method of the Wonderbag enhances flavours of all one-pot meals.

You bring your ingredients to a boil or ideal cooking temperature on the stove, place the pot inside the Wonderbag, and the bag will do the rest.

Basically, it’s a cloth slow cooker designed and made in Kwazulu-Natal and is designed to save busy households time and money, especially with the spiralling costs of electricity.

Each bag comes with its own custom recipe booklet to get you started on the journey of using your Wonderbag.

From rice to pilaf to potjie and more, there is little the Wonderbag can’t do. It can even be used as a cooler on sports or beach days and is the ideal companion for when transporting meal.

Take a look at how easy it is to use:

All the staff at their South African operation are local and they have a factory in Tongaat.

Over the past decade, since its inception, more than a million bags have been sold worldwide, and has over 20,000 entrepreneurs selling the Wonderbag.

It is sold and distributed in South Africa, the UK, US, Australia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Reunion Islands, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

For every bag sold, a contribution is made to the Wonderbag Foundation to help put more bags into the hands of those who live in poverty. A real game-changer.

The Wonderbag retails at R250 per bag, excluding delivery.

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